People in my office sing me praises for what I can do with Linux even though I joke with them that “I have no idea how to do that - but give me half an hour and an internet connection and I’ll figure something out for you.” I even once specifically said in response to my boss commenting on my skills, “You do realize that I just like…google stuff when you ask me to do something with Linux that I don’t know how to do, right?”

But his praise didn’t change at all. There was no “Wait, that’s all it is?”

Instead, he said “Yes, but the fact that you think to do that - and that you know exactly how to phrase your searches and how to sift through the results to get the right answer, and you then integrate what you’ve learned and use it going forward - is still so much more than any of the rest of us can do. To you, it’s “just googling stuff,” but it’s still a unique and valuable skill you bring, so don’t shrug off the compliments so cavalierly, okay?“

And this was coming from an executive with an MBA. Don’t undervalue your googling skills, kids. It’s not lying if you know you can figure it out.

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    Appreciate the way he put the right words. Googling is an art. Indeed.
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    Knowing how to google shit well and then integrate that knowledge is an essential skill for a dev in my opinion. I remain in awe of devs who did not have access to stackoverflow and, left with no other choice, had to build the entire infrastructure modern devs take for granted from the ground up.
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    @catadoxa Books, lots and lots of books
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    I'm the same way. Most people don't seem to care that it's all googling and code theft with minor changes. Because every time they Google something, they don't get what they need.

    Seriously, ask one of your coworkers to find an answer to something they don't know. Watch how they Google. It's really quite painful. Then, teach them!

    My work has gotten so much better because I hosted a "Google 101" training. Sounds stupid, but soooooo effective.
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    I suspect the key is that you have a mental model of Linux that allows you to apply these isolated snippets to a specific problem.

    It's like a medical doctor using Google vs me to diagnose an illness. The MD would be much more efficient and successful.

    In a fast change field like ours we forget that we have a body of knowledge that we can build on.

    That's why I can learn a new computer language in days.
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    You should be able to get a degree in googling
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    %/. . . . . B b
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    @S-Homles-MD Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo?
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