NEW 6 Programming Language 2k16

1. Go

Golang Programming Language from Google

Let's start a list of six best new programming language and with Go or also known by the name of Golang, Go is an open source programming language and developed by three employees of Google and the launch in 2009, very cool just 3 people.

Go originated and developed from the popular programming languages ​​such as C and Java, which offers the advantages of compact notation and aims to keep the code simple and easy to read / understand. Go language designers, Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike and Ken Thompson, revealed that the complexity of C ++ into their main motivation.

This simple programming language that we successfully completed the most tasks simply by librariesstandar luggage. Combining the speed of pemrogramandinamis languages ​​such as Python and to handalan of C / C ++, Go be the best tools for building 'High Volume of distributed systems'.

You need to know also know, as expressed by the CTO Tokopedia namely Mas Leon, Tokopedia will switch to GO-lang as the main foundation of his system. Horrified not?

eh not watch? try deh see in the video below:

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2. Swift

Swift Programming Language from Apple

Apple launched a programming language Swift ago at WWDC 2014 as a successor to the Objective-C. Designed to be simple as it is, Swift focus on speed and security.

Furthermore, in December 2015, Swift Apple became open source under the Apache license. Since its launch, Swift won eye and the community is growing well and has become one of the programming languages ​​'hottest' in the world.

Learning Swift make sure you get a brighter future and provide the ability to develop applications for the iOS ecosystem Apple is so vast.

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3. Rust

Rust Programming Language from Mozilla

Developed by Mozilla in 2014 and then, and in StackOverflow's 2016 survey to the developer, Rust was selected as the most preferred programming language.

Rust was developed as an alternative to C ++ for Mozilla itself, which is referred to as a programming language that focus on "performance, parallelisation, and memory safety".

Rust was created from scratch and implement a modern programming language design. Its own programming language supported very well by many developers out there and libraries.

4. Julia

Julia Programming Language

Julia programming language designed to help mathematicians and data scientist. Called "a complete high-level and dynamic programming solution for technical computing".

Julia is slowly but surely increasing in terms of users and the average growth doubles every nine months. In the future, she will be seen as one of the "most expensive skill" in the finance industry.

5. Hack

Hack Programming Language from Facebook

Hack is another programming language developed by Facebook in 2014.

Social networking giant Facebook Hack develop and gaungkan as the best of their success. Facebook even migrate the entire system developed with PHP to Hack

Facebook also released an open source version of the programming language as part of HHVM runtime platform.

6. Scala

Scala Programming Language

Scala programming termasukbahasa actually relatively long compared to other languages ​​in our list now. While one view of this programming language is relatively difficult to learn, but from the time you invest to learn Scala will not end up sad and disappointing.

The features are so complex gives you the ability to perform better code structure and oriented performance. Based programming language OOP (Object oriented programming) and functional providing the ability to write code that is capable of evolving. Created with the goal to design a "better Java", Scala became one behasa programming that is so needed in large enterprises.

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    Yup Elixir. Erlang most potent reincarnation. It has to be in the list. I'm really excited to be a part of these new languages revolution. I love Go, Elixir and Rust. Also the time is near for people to finally be able to recignize the greatness of an old language that was way ahead of it's time. Haskell!
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    @Letmecode Elm yes! The cleanest web programming codes I've laid my eyes on. After programming in JS for so long, coding in Elm makes me feel like a superior alien being living aming the mortals on planet JavaScript.
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