Started showing my brother some deep learning tutorials and I have him reading a book.

I really need for him to realize how smart he is. He was never academically inclined. I always told my mother that it had to do with the same dislike of school that I always had and how a couple of really shitty teachers could run one's motivation to the ground.

I always found him brilliant. Had a good standing with common sense amd logical thinking. He was interested in math for a while(same as me) but school made him hate it. He managed to pass all the state exams needed to graduate from H.S and was able to succesfully pass the military ASVAB with a very good grade.

But after H.S he went down the drain with what he wanted to do.

I love my brother and really want him to find out just how smart I think he is and this would probably be one of my biggest experiments with him. Maybe, just maybe if I get him to realize that he can understand these advanced concepts without a teacher his(fear?) Of school might go away enough for him to give it a second go. Fuck man I don't even need for him to go and get a B.S in comp sci, an associate degree would be just fine. It can be on anything, I just want him to do something.

Sometimes I feel as if this was my fault. At one point he told me that he feels shadowed by my grades. And my family was always proud of what I did in H.S and at uni. I feel(sometimes) that I should have paid more attention to him as he was going to school, help out a little more and encourage him more.

He feels as if he is meant for a dead end miserable working life, and I really can't bear the idea of him wasting himself away to something like that.

I really hope this shit works man...i really need for this to work, he doesn't even need to like it, just realize that it is possible.

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    I don't know what he's into but if he's a computer guy, then the military is actually kinda great. It has it's downfalls and issues just like anything else. But it's what you make of it and the Cyber community specifically has some great things about it.

    I was just like him. Failed a bunch of classes. Will not do homework. Got a GED my junior year and went to college early. Failed out of that. Joined the military. And now I'm somewhere where I can strive and make things, and hack and achieve without grades and scores.
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    I have a similar situation with my older brother. I try to encourage him because I know he could have a good life pretty easily instead of having a crummy life. Because he's smart. Atleast he has the right inclination to be smart if he gave a damn.

    I know it's not my fault, and you probably know it's not your fault either. But I'm guessing that we both want them to succeed and be able to feel the same gratification as we do. And seeing them not realize that is what's hard.

    Sorry if I assumed too much about you. But it feels like we have somewhat similar experiences atleast.
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    I can relate, in my last year teachers finally realized that they shouldnt push me like every student and it was better to ignore me. My last year my lowest grade was an 7 (out of 10). Where beforre i regularly got a 1 (out of 10, same as an US F, or a german 10)
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    @deadPix3l i did the same really. Right out of hs I joined the U.S Army. Best experience(but painful) really, but I did it out of choice, not because it was my last resort which is what I don't want him to look at. We both know that it is a high stress environment and don't want him to live it feeling that way since the military is specifically good at making one miserable beyond belief.
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    @BigBoo thank you for the kind words my friend. I don't feel like you assumed much, we have similar situations and connecting with people that had a similar issue feels good.
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    @Codex404 some people just can't go through school enjoying it. I know i couldn't, graduated in the top of my class but I was really miserable a lot of the time. My motivation for my grades was more for my mother and wife really. They pushed me and stopped me from dropping out of it a lot of the time.
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    @AleCx04 Nice to hear that I can be of any help. It's also good for me to hear what others are thinking.

    My brother lives on disability checks. Mostly due to mental issues. It's complicated. But it's not like he's unstable. Right now they are pulling that from him because of bureaucracy.

    Makes me fucking angry. I don't really have the means to help him right now. But I might be able to buy him an apartment later on. Because he lives in a very low cost time and an apartment there is less than a 1/10th of what they cost here.

    Idk if that's what I should do or not though. My parents are unhelpful as usual, saying I shouldn't care about him and only care about myself.
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    @AleCx04 I was also miserable, but that was BECAUSE people were pushing me.
    Ive got so many issues with the school system in the netherlands, but most of it is the lack of teachers and the lack of freedom for them.

    Ive learned my German and English not at school (which where mandatory courses for 5 years), but the first year after I was done with school and could learn it my own way.
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