This week in positive news: "Video Editor" comes to Windows 10, so I can finally uninstall my hacked-together version of Movie Maker

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    I'd like to get your hacked-together version of Movie Maker, plz send to my email, thanks!
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    @fuck2code It was a mini-rant about losing Movie Maker. I chose Rant category on purpose because it isn't a meme, it isn't random, and it isn't about devRant.

    But thanks for being dickholes, spamming my comments with a shitty meme (Ironic), and content-policing me.

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    @AlgoRythm apologies for their annoyingness/spam

    @fuck2code @Mizz141 this needs to stop immediately. I’m getting numerous complaints about both of you. This rant isn’t even miscategorized. Please stop backseat moderating. If you can’t stop, then please stop using devRant entirely. You’re ruining the experience for others and it’s becoming obnoxious.
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    @fuck2code thanks - very few are seeing it as fun by the feedback I’m getting. And I’m looking at @Mizz141’s comment history and most of his instances of backseat moderating aren’t even miscateogirzations, like this one.
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