Is it just me or is everything 10x more of a pain in the ass developing in iOS than on Android?

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    The opposite for me
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    Completely the opposite. What do you hate about it?
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    just commenting for the incoming platform war, ignore me
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    With no real dev experience at the time, I once tested the speed of setting up a simple "Hello World" app on iOS and Android.

    Android was the clear winner by a mile and a little luck. It took twice as long to get the IDE configured to build a test app but pushing worked the first time.

    XCode installed but getting the side load key exchange working was a royal PITA. I spent less than half the time in XCode making a "Hello World" app but easily burned a day getting it to push to a real device.
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    @edisonn @casanovanoir The android community is large than iOS...
    if u are developing for iOS don't take anything for granted since they truly review the app before publishing, main point being consider the UI design
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    I mostly prefer the look of Android over iOS. Androids MD looks clean and good whereas the new iOS 10 tries somehow to get into that flat design world but the color palette just doesn't work for me.

    I think is comes down to the individual itself. Android is more of a mathematical API. Animations are functions and return numbers (RecyclerView and scrolling down for example returns delta y) whereas in Apple's world things are a bit easier. Animations for example are just fixed values like "Scroll Down". That does apply to the whole framework.

    Mostly people that prefer those mathematical conditions prefer Android over iOS. That's what I have seen in the past 2 years.
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