I guess these days I work with Golang, gRPC, and Kubernetes. I guess that's a dev stack. Or turning into one at the very least. The only thing that annoys me about this stack, is how different deployments for kubernetes are different for CSPs. The fact that setting up a kubernetes/Golang dev environment is take a lot of time and effort. And gRPC can be a pain in the ass to work with as well. Since it's fairly new in large scale enterprise use, finding best practices can be pretty hard, and everything is "feet in the fire" and "trial by error" when dealing with gRPC.

And Golang channels can get very hairy and complicated really really fast. As well as the context package in Golang. And Golang drama with package managers. I wish they would just settle on GoDeps or vgo and call it a day.

And for the love of God, ADD FUCKING GENERICS! Go code can be needlessly long and wordy. The alternative "struct function members" can be pretty clunky at times.

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