Lotus notes is a pathetic piece of shit, slow and buggy, and I am being forced to use that at work

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    nostalgic. I had almost forgotten lotus notes. there hasn't been a heavier email client.
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    Do you happen to work for IBM? I thought they were the only company left using lotus... Mainly because they own it xD
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    @Zaphod65 I happen to work for a company (not IBM) who for some strange reason continue to use Lotus notes .
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    @http418 you're not the only one 😂...
    But Notes isn't just a mail client... there are database documents, too... well 3 different types but all the same 🤔...
    It's a whole shitload of nightmares 😢
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    I love Lotus Notes because it often loses invitations. That's the perfect pretext when I'm not in the mood for an obligatory meeting. Works like a charm. :-)
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