Friend: *deletes something from the internet*
"Thank god, now it's gone forever!"

Me: *Laughs in French*

Friend: "What?"

Me: "No, I'm pretty sure almost everything you put on the internet stays on the internet."

Friend: "ARE YOU STUPID??! The button says fucking DELETE. What else would it to do? Please use your brain for once."

Me: "You realize that text in the button is just a string right?"

Friend: *Looks confused*
"Stop trying to be such a smartass. Why would it be called 'delete' if it doesn't delete? Your logic make no sense whatsoever."

Me: *Makes quick simple app in order to prove my point*

App has 4 buttons:

-Play Music: Shows a picture of a dog

-Stop Music: Starts playing music video of Never gonna give you up

-Close App: Changes the interface to a random color

-Delete App: Pop up that says "The app has been deleted"

Friend: *Installs and tries the app*
"Dude! Did you even test your app before sending me?? Your buttons are broken as hell. None of them works. They all do things they're not supposed to do. How do you even call yourself a programmer? Sorry dude, nothing personal but this app sucks."

Me: *I need a new friend*

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    Remember that in order for something to stay on they internet forever, someone has to pay to keep it there forever. Just because something is uploaded to the internet, it doesn't mean it will be there forever. Unless someone thinks it worth keeping it.
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    @AlexDeLarge Oui Oui Baquette Baquette a a a a a
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    And then android studio clapped. The delete buttons name was albert einstein. This is so sad, can we punch women?
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    @Olverine disk space so cheap that deciding what's worth keeping is more expensive than storing everything. Two examples: archive.org, textfiles.com
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    Show him the Google cache.
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    @sharktits lol reminds me of Sam Hyde's 2070 Paradigm Shift TED talk prank
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    Our TinTin and and Asterix & Obelix taught me anything, it's that laughing in French goes like, "Ahahahah!"
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    This just gave me an idea. I'll be back with a website!
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    So if you had button called "Tickle Yourself"

    He was expecting to get tickled?
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    1. The internet has a delete button?
    2. What does it being a string have anything to do with it not being right??
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    @Dummybugger his point is just because the button says "Delete" doesn't mean it actually gets deleted.
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    @Dummybugger @mjones44 example

    [ click here to receive a fish by mail ]

    Now obviously, clicking the above doesn't even kick off an event. But even if it was an actual button in an app, you'd still have to use your own judgement to determine if it was actually going to do as advertised.
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    @bezorp @Dummybugger also a LOT of sites (especially social media and that sort of thing) do "soft deletes" where it basically is inaccessible to users but still exists in the database on the backed (maybe you have to do a SQL dump to get it, maybe admin users can get it, etc). if you've ever seen an "undelete" feature, that's probably how this is implemented.
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    Your friend is too literal lol.
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    Had to prove some friends using Fecesbook:

    1. Right click, copy image url
    2. Delete image via UI
    3. Doesn't exist, link starting with fecesbook.com linking to this picture doesn't work anymore, right?
    4. Well then paste copied link in a browser.

    Enjoy seeing your 'deleted' picture well and accessible without a problem.
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    @aerfromenes yes, really!
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    Laughs in french got me haha
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    I'd wish you made the app with flutter
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    You just earned yourself a favorite, friend!
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    @Olverine archive.org is paid for by the US Library of Congress, for what it’s worth...
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    Deleting is giving away the responsibility of the file, Now it's there but is unclaimed. If your purpose was to not be associated with that file, you're safe. And deleting is the maximum you could do from your end, if it's serious, request them to delete it.
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