Shame me later for piracy but I think i just found the goldmine of books and vid tuts. Has packt(books, vids) and even O'Reilly books as recent as last month. This good boye has EVERYTHING.

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    Search: React

    Result: 50 Pages

    Search: OCaml

    Result: null

    So not everything. Sorry.
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    Hey buddy, I’m student and I’m broke AF.
    Take it 🤲
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    Neat. Thanks @Maartz
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    I can't judge people for obtaining illegal copies of books. Not having money and missing out on education sucks camel balls. As long as once the person in question buys the product later to show support that is.

    I sometimes wonder if the mosr amazing advancements in tech, medicine or whatever are trapped inside someone who can't afford or obtain advanced education.
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    @AleCx04 Ehhh if you're intelligent enough to solve those major issues, it's hard to believe that you wouldn't get a healthy sized scholarship (at least here in the states) to cover your tuition.

    I find it very unlikely that someone that intelligent wouldn't be smart in highschool. So that'd mean they would be able to get lots of aid. Not to mention, Harvard (some where this hypothetical individual would probably get accepted to) is free if your family income is >$65k.

    Plus there's grants available. My entire tuition and fees are covered. I only have to pay for living expenses.

    It's expensive, yes, but there's ways around it. Most of my friends are doing the 2 years at community college then transfer to a 4 year for the last 2 route. Especially since the local community college offers us free tuition (and even then, it's dirt cheap. Fees and all, 2 classes were cheaper than one at my 4 year).
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    Why do you think advances in medical science is slow and medical services are fucking expensive. It takes a fuckton of money to become a doctor and mostly unqualified assholes with fuckload of money become doctors whose primary goal is to earn money.
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    It does not choose to focus on frameworks. They upload vanilla langs too. @jAsE
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    Those download links are annoying
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    True. But at least they're not broken. @vocuzi
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    @yatanvesh if you've downloaded something related to python, cryptography, distributed systems please save me the hardwork
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