Today I learned that there are people that disable javascript...

Quote: "It's both insecure and resource intensive"

Then he went that only if the script is free he would see what it is to run it.

He also said that he would never allow any js file that comes from google even jquery...

I wonder, how does a man like this live today when most of the websites are heavily dependant on javascript?

I wouldn't live in an isolated world just to be 100% secure, I want my good user experience xD

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    Pff those people
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    I actually never heard of anyone who had JavaScript disabled. until today.
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    we need Modernizr to perform asshole-detection
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    noscript is the way. why you need all ad scripts running?
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    @maximizer adblock for the ads?
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    not sure how good it is, haven't used it since I started managing scripts myself.
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    If it's not powered by hamster, I don't trust it! *hmpf*
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    @pixeltherapy I bet you drive a Kia Soul.... ;)
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    Um, those people enable it for decent websites and good uses of JavaScript like Gmail. Websites are bloated with JS, it's ridiculous. No script us great.
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    I guess he tried to do something against proprietary or non-trivial js code. If anyone of you heard about Richard Stallman and the free software foundation, you'll know what I talking about. I partly understand it. The problem is not with js, but with the ethical point of the non-free (libre) programs at all. And if someone think it's more important then the functionality of some sites, I can understand that. Of course you don't have to disable that totally, cos for example there is the librejs extension for firefox which will only block the non-free or non-trivial codes on a website. Honestly I can understand why somebody don't trust in proprietary code. Lot of people choose GNU/linux because of this. I'am one of 'em too. (Sry, for bad English skills! It's not my native. Hope all of you understood what I meant.)
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