Why doesn't spoj tell you about the username format or its availability before submitting the form! 😑 Had to again and again prove ,that I am not a robot, because of this !! Too many times.
And then this (the image) 🤣

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    I get why competitive coding is important but man, it can get really depressing sometimes. Especially when people don't even try legit development, thinking that competitive is everything. So many good people lost that way.
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    @RememberMe well the companies gotta think about their recruitment procedure, mostly they have this motto " experience and projects are good to have ,but coding is must have" .
    I don't think anyone in the professional world is writing the code to count the number of fist bumps and handshakes. But that's what they ask in the test 😃.
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    @RememberMe competitive coding kinda helps in logic building and the coder also learns to use a coding language to find solution to a problem.
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    @a5300 thanks for the ++ bomb ✌️
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