Best AH-HA moment when something suddenly made sense.

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    When I finally understood how the animations needed to be applied when importing a model with assimp.
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    My first rant!
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    There are too many... it started with assembler on a C64 and now with gradle and maven...
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    when I finally understood:

    "Code to an interface"

    and I still learn the deep deep implications of that on an almost daily basis
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    The AH-HA moment was when I successfully wrote my first regex on a whiteboard.
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    It's small but when I discovered how to use for loops for the first time with arrays, never yelled out in surprise so loud in my life....
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    The biggest for me was Object Oriented Programming, in general.

    I started out on a C64 (non-structured / procedural), and I pretty quickly understood low level operations for generating sprites and waveforms.

    Then I eventually moved to Javascript and Haskell, Python and a little PHP.

    The whole concept of classes with methods and variables just didn't make sense to me for a very long time, coming from a Functional/Procedural background.
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