I have a baby. He doesnt like sleeping. He has GERD (reflux).

He rarely sleep more than 2 hours at a time (probably 1 a week).

The best he has ever slept in his 11month of living was 5 hours. That day he was sick and he ended up in hospital.

All good, he is still alive and well.

But he goes down at 7pm and wakes every 2 hours if not less.

Somestimes he is easy to put down and thongs are bearable, but many times it can take up to 30-45 minutes to out him down.

I dev during the day but i am longing to have nights where i can completly concrntrate. But my partner has been survivjng on broken sleep for about a year now.

She lets me have longer stretches but i either stay up late and havr to feed the baby and jiggle him, which breaks concentration and has pbliged me to get an extra desk and screento be put into an uncomfortable place so i could code at home (my orfice is a rent out 10msquare batch in the garden).

Or sometimes i just get up at 3 or 4am so that he can sleep on me 2eme i can jiggle him when he wakes.

I cant deal with being woken every 2 hours. I throw tantrums like im a 7 year old.

Ive rarely had such a sucking life quality as now.

Its a good things babies a cute i tell you that!!!!

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    Infants are not cute.

    Toddlers are!

    Both are loud and infuriating and ruin everything they touch, but toddlers will at least tell you what's wrong, do some things on their own, and say/do really cute unexpected things.

    I totally feel you, though.

    I was working full-time remote while dealing with an infant in a tiny house with zero quiet spots. It was a nightmare. Mine did sleep a little better, though.

    Best of luck. :(
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    I feel you. Stay strong, they won't have bad sleep forever. In the end all what matters is your bond. Wich will have grown by such hard times. Beat wishes!
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    @ArcaneEye yeah done that. Homeopath, doctors,reflexologist, pediatrician,blood tests,allergy tests, sleep training, teddy bear, plastic tit, diet change,sleep routine,read the books.... There is a point where you accept the baby as it is.

    But he smiles during the day(usually) ;)
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    @Santaclauze reading your last sentence makes me feel warm inside.
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    Welcome to the club!
    Stay strong, it gets better.
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    things like this make me anxious..
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