After I submitted a code review:

Coworker: What did you mean with this comment?

Me: **translating the comment to Portuguese** Your Footer component isn't rendering any footer element.

Coworker: **blank stare** what?

Me: There is no footer tag here. **points to Footer component**

Coworker: **computing... found approximate result** I'm rendering the Footer here. **shows me where the Footer component is being rendered**

Me: **internal facepalm** Yes, I know, but I'm not talking about that. I'm saying that inside the Footer component you should be rendering a footer element.

Coworker: **segmentation fault** what?

And then I had to explain that there is an HTML footer element. To a mid level frontend developer (or so they say).

HTML is not only divs, for fuck sake.

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    And to be clear, if this was a junior I would immediately ask if they knew what a footer element is and if not explain right away.

    I don't think it's acceptable that a mid level frontend dev doesn't know about this. Am I wrong?
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    @shellbug to be fair I'm not a frontend dev. Html tags like header, article, and footer are not really taught cause of all these dumbass css frameworks. Unless you start looking into seo you don't really learn about them
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    A mid-level front-end dev that doesn't know a footer.. hah! That's gotta be one of those "certified enganeers" XD
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    @PerfectAsshole I get that, but reading any HTML 5 introduction is enough to learn about this and other elements.

    Example: https://w3schools.com/html/...
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    @PerfectAsshole and yeah what @shellbug said.. I've delved a little bit into webdesign years ago but never really liked it (repetitive, not really programming, yada yada). But one of the first things I've learnt was the existence of header for the top, footer for the bottom, and a main div for everything else.. not sure if it's good style or anything - probably it isn't - but hey, it makes me know the existence of a footer!
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    @PerfectAsshole I was taught footer tags in the 2nd class of a front end web dev class lol.
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    > not really programming
    Well as long as it's only HTML and CSS without including stuff like JS and PHP of course
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    @Condor that sounds about right. The "main div" should be a <main> element tho.

    Also, it depends on the content. If you have multiple <article>s in a single page, each one of them can have it's own <footer>, with the author for example. (Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.)
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    When i first learn all the keywords of html, i came accross of footer/header/article..., then i made my first webpage mockup using that. One day later i discovered css and starting using it to render everything using float (oh yeah at the time flex wasn't really a standard), then i got introduced to js and started rendering everything dynamically, creating all elements and corresponding style depending of user preferences and type of device. Now depending of the use-case i try to balance what i know.

    I must add i am not a frontend/web developper, i am way better with assembly, C or python.
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    @shellbug @Condor @Stuxnet like i said I'm not a frontend dev. And i learned html before html5 so i can see how someone could not know them cause i only found them myself when i was working on seo
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    @PerfectAsshole Ah, makes sense.. I'm not a frontend dev either but I've heard that HTML4 is very different from HTML5.. from the little exposure that I've had so far, HTML5 invoked much less suicidal thoughts upon writing in it though.. so I guess that's an improvement? :P

    Edit: well an improvement as in HTML4 caused me to want to slit my throat at <! whereas HTML5 only causes that after <!DOCTY- WHERE THE FUCK IS THAT KNIFE?!!
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    It's html5 so it's still relatively new.
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    Oh wow, thats worst than my coworker who don't know :before :after
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    I'm with what @PerfectAsshole said, but I'm also not ok with what @Shellbug had to deal with. Until a dev reaches around 3 years of experience it is not ok to come back and ask for the basics, even if that dev doesn't know, by that time he should be able to search him self.

    Now back to rant content, ok so he doesn't know there is a footer tag, once you told him he should end the convo and read about it and implement it and not ask what? why? how? ...etc.

    For me it is not the fact he doesn't know, but the fact he didn't even bother to look for it is what makes me lose it
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    @Brosyl according to MDN it is.

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    I'm with the Tuga on this one :D
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    @GyroGearloose hum, we're both Portuguese.
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    Tuga Power!! :p Btw de onde?
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    @shellbug Estas longinho, Leiria :p

    Are you a web designer? I'm just a noob around here
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    I finally found someone who really cares a bit about HTML's FEATURES and their usages!!!
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    @GyroGearloose yes, but I still have a lot to learn. What do you do?
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    @shellbug I'm a CNC operator, but I'm on a sick leave now, due to a burnout.

    Basicly doing a little of front-end and Arduino lately :D
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    @Madm0x You're worse who doesn't know ::before and ::after should have double colons 😂
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