And a big fuck you to sony mobile, I hope you die soon.
TLDR: sent a weeks old phone for repair to Sony, they asked 450€ because according to their "experts" chassis was bent and main board was busted besides the obvious screen and touch being broken.
It costed less than 400€ including vat.
Out of spite I ordered a replacement screen for 55€, and it's fucking working again, thanks a lot for the offer but I still can replace an lcd myself. Screw your warranty policies, you made a phone that slips like a wet soap.
I've owned xperias all my life, Arc, U, M, Z1 besides all the dumb phones manufactured by Sony/Ericsson.
Guess I'm finding a new brand very soon.

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    I've had a Xperia Z, Z1C, Z3C and Z5C.

    Most recently my Z5C: I've had to replace the back three times (it cracks so easily) and I had to replace the camera last time (sensor was spotty and no easy way to clean it) but getting that camera out was a bitch and now vibrate and the call speaker no longer work (I can only take calls via Bluetooth or speakerphone).

    Also the battery is going out and fuck opening it up again. I'm pretty much going to keep using it until it's unusable because I hate waste/consumerism, but yea .. after this I'm getting off Sony. Their products have gone to crap.
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    That's just one big fuck you to their customers. Unacceptable and very unprofessional imo.
    I'm glad you could fix it yourself.

    This also reminds me of the whole Apple drama with their warranty policy of the new 5k iMac Pro with Linus Tech Tips and that one other Apple youtuber if anyone has seen that.

    Those things really make me mad
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    It's kinda of sad, they're just cutting too many corners these days instead of focusing on quality. I just despise Samsung phones so it's hard to find an alternative. My z1 also suffers from a "myst" in the back camera, I've also ordered a new back and a battery, I'd hate to throw it in the "broken" drawer 😊
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    I believe they're good 😄
    It's one of those irrational things like rooting for a specific football club
    All my laptops are thinkpads and all my phones are sony. I don't own anything else made by Sony though 😀
    When phone modding scene begun, long before xda existed, there was already a great hacking community around sony phones. I guess I'm lazy, I understand all the little tricks around unlocking, rooting and modifying the hell out of them , but I have no clue on Samsung gear 😛
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