I dunno if you gents remember the Nickelodeon show known as Drake and Josh.

It was pretty big in Mexico and the U.S.

Well, one of the characters from that show is the singer/actor Drake Bell.

For a while, Drake Bell would **constantly** tweet about how much Justin Bieber sucks.

I aint denying that Justin Bieber sucks, i don't like his music at all.

But the constant attacks came out as jealousy, at least to me.

What does this has to do with development or even computers? Well this is EXACTLY how I feel about Louis Rossman CONSTANTLY making videos about apple products.
We get it man we really do, sadly for a lot of us the only way to get ios development done is through a fucking Mac

EVEN if his whiny ass is right about the hardware not being top notch and all that shit I AM still not able to explain a 2013(early...as in january) macbook pro still working with literally NO fucking problems. Before that the other macbook was just changed because we wanted the 2013 model. The thing worked, the one before did so too and the 2017 model that I have works, amazingly so i will add.

Still, the army of dell,hp and lenovo laptops that I've had before just died or are not functioning properly. Either it is my shit luck or Apple's "shitty hardware" got something really fucking right.

I think its retarded really. If you don't like them then fine, you don't have to, personally I fucking love all computers and os, but I don't get fanboys hating for the sake of hate.

the fuck you care if I spend 2500 on a computer? I would the same shit for your mom and the computer would last me longer.

Does owning multiple macs make me better than you? No

Does this mean that you are piss poor and can't afford shit and that is why you are hating? No

Will I call you <insert number of insults> gor your choice of pc or os? No

What is retarded is this: you all are DEVELOPERS(at least a good chunk) and your ass better fucking know that some people USE a certain tool because IT IS THE RIGHT ONE FOR THE JOB.

It is a damn fine operating system, a really good computing experience. It ain't your taste? Fine, das cool, but for fucks sake it does not mean that the other people are idiots or whatever.

Grow the fuck up and get yourself an opinion.

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    Drake was 100% jealous. JB stole the teenage pop star status from Drake lol

    But you hit that nail on the damn head my dude. Spot on.

    The amount of fanboying is pathetic. None of our tools are Jesus Christ himself. None.
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    My Nickelodeon knowledge ends in about 1988. Double Dare, and You Can't Do that on Television. The golden age.
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    @Stuxnet it really is man! Like i get having a preferred system, ain't nothing wrong with that at all. But geez some people take that shit to the extremes.
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    i tend to disagree of personal experience. i had a macbook once and had to replace the battery twice, the ram once, set up os multiple times because of lag, and in the end the case blew up and all the edges cracked. took about 4 years with a maximum of weekly use. my mother had the same experience.
    so, no, i did not experience an apple product to have any hardware or software advantages. i see the benefit of a well working ecosystem while staying in the bubble from a software point of view. but i do not consider it's worth it.
    my pcs on the other hand never had these issues and my 3 year old lenovo notebook is almost as good as new.

    my apple hatred is well based and not an act of jealousy, fanboyism or foreign opinion 😜
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    @bahua oh damn, brother how old are ya? :P asking in the coolest way possible haha. Mine stopped at around 2014 when I stopped using cable and switched to prime, netflix and youtube :P
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    @lunorian it does my dude, same as flutter to actually compile it into a device. You can(however) test them out without a macbook on your device using expo(at least for react native)
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    I'll turn forty on Wednesday.
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    Started humming the theme song, colleague/friend next to me starts singing it with me. Rest of the office thoroughly annoyed 👍

    👨‍🎤👩‍🎤 "I never thought that it'd be so simple but, I found a way, I found a way" 🎶

    p.s. talk about glow-ups, josh
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    @nate Puberty hit Josh like a fucking freight train.
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    @Stuxnet it did, dude looks really good now a days haha even better than Drake and Drake was supposed to be the pretty one
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    Rossman’s hate of Apple isn’t that a good portion of them don’t break, but that when they do there’s basically no resources available to repair your expensive device.

    Furthermore it’s driven by Apple’s active attacks on small repair shops. They have been suing such shops for selling repaired Apple products. Apple says they are counterfeit, despite being repaired with Apple parts. Or when Apple went after Louis himself for soldering some bypass on a MacBook, demanding he refrain from calling it a MacBook because of the change that did basically nothing. What if you had a Mustang and Ford called you and told you to call it a generic sports car because you put an aftermarket radio in it! It sounds insane because it is. If I own a product the company should support it with parts at a reasonable cost for at least 3-5 years. Apple just wants to sell you a new one, not parts.

    If you’d actually pay attention to what’s going on and not try to make everyone as much of a narcissist as you are you might realize the hate isn’t as misplaced as you think!

    Full disclosure my company provides a 2014 MBP and I plan on getting a MB air at some point in the near future and this rant was typed on an iPhone. Still see Apple as unnecessarily mean when they have plenty of money to be nice to the small fraction of users that care enough to repair their products. Just sell parts and manuals and be normal!
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    @jeeper you reas far too much into my own rant.

    "I get it man, I get it"
    "Even if his whiny ass is right...bla bla"

    See that part right there? I am not discrediting the dude for it, I am making a point over having entire video series regarding hate for something. Its his experiences and those of a few over the millions of people that have no complains. And btw...when my Honda or my Chevy breaks down...I take them to the dealership. If the damned computer fucks up then take it to an authorized dealer. Simple as that. Does it suck? Yes majorily. Does it make sense? No, not really. Am I going to dedicate my time to make videos about it? Absofuckinglutely not.

    Narcissistic? Oh fuck off, that shit was neither here or there.
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    @AleCx04 the difference is if you take the car to the dealer they can fix it. Apple can straight up refuse to repair it and another YouTuber had that experience. Basically Apple admits they made no spare parts for their 5k iMacs.

    Plus you can generally walk in to the dealership and buy most parts and go put them on yourself. I think Apple should be required to do that to some extent along with other manufacturers. There’s a whole bigger debate about right to repair.

    I look at both Louis Rossman and Drake Bell’s hate as more of bemoaning the choices society makes of who gets power and wealth and who doesn’t. Arguably Rossman and Bell are talented than Cook and Bieber, but society is not a meritocracy. I think it’s less about wanting to be that person and more about wanting society to want better for itself.

    As for the narcissism, my company caters to it in our customer base so I calls em like I sees em. But my impressions can be faulty I admit.
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    Remember that Rossman puts on a show for his videos, a lot of it is genuine, but it’s made an effort to gain extra audience
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    @jeeper I am sorry bud but that shit has never happened to legit anyone that I know, and I live in a pretty big city. Not saying that shit like that does not happen, but I ain't about to condemn a company for bs like that just going by what one dude says and the people that complain with him. If it were as shitty as he makes it out to be it would have gone down the drain like every other company that goes shit in quality.

    But hey, you do you, I am gonna do me and continue to make my own opinion(s) rather than take it from a dude angry because he did not get his way(Louis, not you).

    And yes, your idea of narcissism is completely misplaced. But i ain't gonna hold shit against ya. Heat of the moment my dude.
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    @AleCx04 again we come back to the fact that, yes, apples shit tends to be reliable. However much like you don’t know your insurance company service until you make a claim, you really don’t know a company’s product until you ask for support. It’s not just Rossman. There are numerous sources citing difficulties with Apple. And the designs are clearly not really meant to be serviced which is a methodology I disagree with on the surface. You can make things beautiful and servicable. Apple just doesn’t.

    Like I said the bigger picture here is that Apple has made it clear what side of the right to repair debate they are on. They certainly aren’t alone. John Deere has a history of causing a great deal of trouble with farmers who want to work on their tractors. Tesla pretty much won’t sell parts and won’t update rebuilt titled cars a host of other things that make you wonder who really owns the product. For the high reliability, yes, kudos Apple. It shows a high level of QC in manufacturing. But for the attacking small shops, trying to claim repaired computers are not Apple computers anymore, and not making spare parts, shame on them.
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    I'm hearing the theme tune in my dreams now 😭
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    @jeeper oi fuckface, lets be friends, i like how persistent yo ass is.
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    @AleCx04 oi just like that we’re friends now ya ol nun cunt
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    @jeeper lmao, yup, just like that :D
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