Rant && SPAM alert!

I'm learning QML, to create plasma widgets and I wasted all the fucking day fighting with layouts and trying to understand why the settings window was not rendered (now it's rendered but I still don't understand why it wasn't before, the code is the same!)

so at the end of the day I ried to apply what i learnt in a fresh new widget that shows (some) PiHole statistics from its API.

on first run:
it runs fine, no errors... ok let's do some tests... turn off network, whole DE freeze WTF!?! one widget error (network error in this case) can freeze the whole DE.

restarted plasma, FIXED the bug (debugging process basically is:
try something - freeze - restart plasma - repeat
No more freeze!

if you're a KDE and pihole user and you want try my widget:

P.S: I'm adding right now a switch to quickly enable/disable pi hole over API directly from your desktop. i will push tomorrow.

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