PHP is a meme
Javascript is a meme
CSS is a meme
HTML is a meme
C is a meme
Everyone loves Python
Wordpress is a meme
.NET is a meme
Vim is a meme
Emacs is a meme
Apple is a meme
Microsoft is a meme
Windows is a meme
Having software available on Linux is meme
Stack Overflow is a meme

It doesn't matter what kind of developer you are.
Together we're one big meme.

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    @Floydian [at]dfox
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    "Everyone loves Python"

    I beg to differ
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    @mikat7 Not just that, for me it's the syntax as a whole, the philosophy that everything is an object, the fact that it's interpreted and dynamic typing are the main issues for me
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    You have a typo in python line...
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    > Everyone loves meme.
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    I don’t get it. How are any of those things memes?
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    @DefiniteGoose I extrapolated what those things had in common, but I still have no idea how they are memes.

    What does the word meme mean to you?
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    @DefiniteGoose so you mean they’re jokes. It’s a confusing use of a word that does not describe them. How is an operating system or a programming language an element of a culture that is passed from one individual to another by means of imitation?

    *thinks for a second*

    Ok maybe if you count software piracy! 😄 But something tells me that’s not what you were going for.
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    Java is a meme. You either forgot to mention or i am high.
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    @BlackSparrow Java is such a big meme that I even forgot it still exists. My bad
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    When you think about it, programmers make sites, social networks, email etc.
    We are responsible for ALL the memes.
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    Am I the only one who does not love Python?
    I mean, it's good but... did you try Elixir?
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