As I was walking to the store, I found yet another piece of evidence of nature rape (aka fucking nature by littering of harmful substances). Just like last time I brought it home for proper disposal.

But if I ever find the motherfucker who did this, I have a nice punishment for you. I'll knock you unconscious, drag you home, take your phone and desolder its battery. Then I'll strap a plastic bag around your stupid face, and put the battery in there while it's being shorted. Quickly it'll heat up and you'll start to turn blue with that little bag being your only oxygen source. And when that battery puffs, boy are you going to fucking gasp it all in. Hopefully that'll be poisonous enough to kill you on the spot. If not, I'll have some fun watching you die from oxygen deprivation. Or I'll jam that very same AA battery that you dropped down your throat - you choose.

Call me a psycho all you want, but what does that make you, whoever attempted to further fuck nature by uncaringly dropping a battery on the sidewalk? Oh and let's not mention the results of it - a heatwave that's been going on for over a month now. Thank you so much for bringing the place that you deserve to be in - hell!

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    Actually, maybe that's why the batteries in most phones are becoming nonremovable? That'd make a lot of sense.. clearly users can't be given the freedom to replace their batteries.
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    I'm quite sure it could be a 9 year old who lost a battery when his toy-rc-helicopter crashed...

    Gosh, why would you hurt a kid so sadisticaly...?
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    @netikras RC toys usually have lithium cells in them because they've got better energy density. Or NiMH when it's an old one. That said, how difficult is it to look after your stuff? Being able to destroy a €50 toy without any remorse, must be nice...
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    @Condor accidents happen... Gusts of wind happen too

    *NEW rc toys DO have li-ion batteries. Cheap chinese toys still run on AA stack
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    Oh man, that bulk of the gaussian bell that makes general population.

    It's been shifting.

    I can totally understand why you sometimes wanna strangle people...
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    @netikras That's a lot of assumptions, but let's say that you're right. A 9 ear old kid who lost their RC helicopter that ran on AA batteries. Adding to that a little bit of information - the road that I was walking next to was pretty fucking busy one. What kind of moronic parent would let their kid play there?! Granted, that idiocy from the parents would explain the idiocy of the kid, but still.
    Personally I rather suspect that some uncaring fuck threw it out of their car.
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    Now this is some serious thinker who'd beat the fuck out of anyone who'd do anything to harm nature.

    In my state in India, there are special laws enacted regarding disposal of e-waste and plastics.

    If you throw something and walk on casually as if nothing happened, oh boy you're so wrong. The local people (if you've been spotted) will come to You and tell you not to do that. They do give a fuck about it and that's what makes my city/state a heavenly place to live in.

    Maybe I'm sounding like a kid. Well, I am xD
    It's Sikkim, India. A tourist spot for the flock of foreigners coming to India.
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    @N1teshsurana I honestly wish that there were similar laws here. Europe's pollution problem isn't as large as it is in India, but that doesn't make it any less real. Heck, there are actual laws that prohibit people from littering outside of the designated garbage cans, but they aren't enforced at all!!! How are people going to follow a law that law enforcement - the very civil service meant to enforce the bloody laws! - doesn't enforce it?!
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    @Condor It's weird. Our people, the Dutch, are obsessed when it comes to neatness. You grow a veggie garden and your neighbors complain it looks too wild, parks are perfectly designed and maintained, tree grows too big it's cut down, grass next to roads is mown regularly and arranged perfectly with some crocus flowers.

    Yet those same "neat" people who complain about weeds growing between road bricks throw cigarette filters and soda cans out their windows.
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    @Condor In the ass. The battery needs to be shoved up their ass and short-circuited.
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    @bittersweet people are amazing, aren't they? Fucking hypocrites.
    @nnee I like that idea 😏 it wouldn't kill them, but shoving it into their shitty ass and the explosion within would be pretty satisfying 😈
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    Facial expression while it's happening.
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    @nnee and put it straight on Pr0nHub! :3
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