Other Team: "our builds don't clean up properly"

*docker rm -f $(docker ps -a)*

Other Team: "our builds keep filling up machines"

*docker rmi $(docker images -q)*

Random Team Member: "My builds keep failing on service foo randomly exiting"

Other Random Team Member: "Why is there no caching on our builds"


team panics thinking it's their fault as our main job still passes, as it's on another machine.


When we find out after tracking build history


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    They are working without version control.
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    I did sort of splurt it out

    Every Team is sharing machines to use docker

    Some teams are deciding to wipe all running docker containers to clean up

    Some teams are also wiping the images that are used to launch these containers

    My team members were unaware that this was affectting them

    Imagine building your code, going to run it, and it saying binary not found. Right after you built it.

    Or while running tests have all of them exit randomly
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