That deserves to be here.

For me coding is best at about half of second 0,5l beer with ~5-6% alc. drunk at rate beer/hour. Did half of my bachelor's thesis during half of that second beer probably.


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    Expected someone posting this xkcd comic!

    For me the optimum is about a 0,5l beer and two shots of vodka.

    That´s the point I start to like stuff and can concentrate on something without distraction.

    Thinking about how long it took me to write these few sentences I´m clearly sober...
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    There's always a relevant xkcd.
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    1 beer is enough for me. After that i can finaly focus on coding instead of being distracted by random thoughts.
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    This isn't the first time it's been here, either. :P
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    For me music and coffee are the only drugs for coding, but my prose flows out really better just a little below that 0.5 litre of beer mark.
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    You know, using that chart, the theoretical perfect BaC would be 0.1337

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    @MrJimmy well. What do you think my bachelor was about.
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    Not sure if getting ++ for my beerxperience or the comic 🤔
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    @andros705 like full glasses?
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    @MrJimmy would volunteer for trials.
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    @Teknas who wouldn't ;)
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