When every ubuntu based distro fails, from kubuntu to xubuntu, lubunto, mint etc.

You will always have Linux Lite. How the fuck this thing manages to keep 2 vs code editors opened as well as firefox and chrome at the sime time while at 3.55g mem(according to htop) without fucking up?

Good engineering, das how. Kudos to my ninjas at the Linux Lite team. This is why I recommend this distro to anyone wanting to go Linux. Good for the beginner and the working professional alike(I use it for work)

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    Nigga ctfu just buy more ram
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    @sharktits i am cheap af yo
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    Do you use it with the default DE? I'm totally fond of gnome with the Adwaita dark theme, I wonder if that causes too much overhead
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    @oscarascal i do just use it with the default theme. Gnome may cause too much overhead I am afraid, you might even like the lightweight theme that it comes with though, it is quite pretty.
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