Ryan Dahl working on Deno is one of the current interesting projects that I have been following.

Initially, the dude was trying to use Golang and is currently migrating to cpp and rust since Golang is a gc language. Nothing wrong with that really. I am just excited to see what this man comes up, and Typescript as the main language? Fuck yeah.

This shit js gonna be bomb af. Happy to see him talk to openly about his flaws when building Node, which was still a massive success and a true game changer for a lot of people(me included) and I believe that Deno will repeat this. It already has 24k stars on Github and tracking the repo has become very interesting! I just wish i had the cpp/rust knowledge needed to help out with it.

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    He's made a lot of good decisions on Deno, yeah. I've been following it too. And hats off to the man for pointing out problems with his hugely successful idea and trying to fix them.
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    @RememberMe it takes balls man. Most devs would rather act like if they created a universe or something
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