Was trying live image of nitrux os during our class break today, chilling out, eating lunch with friends. Out of nowhere THIS fkin retard comes in, looks at screen and shouts in front of d class "yo linux is trash never use linux i used zorin for a week worst fkin experience of my life" and goes away before i cud respond.

My friend signalled me to keep calm as my anger was apparent. Mf I wanted to fkin slam my laptop on dis fucker's sly face and gut d kid. Friend slowly instructs "in time, brethren, in time"

He just asked me for a windows activator. Thinking of sending a bitcoin miner virus.

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    Depending on what your skills are, you could quickly write a small RAT yourself.
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    Send him a Ubuntu installer.
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    Vanilla c++ and python. D only place I'm not vanilla is web and android dev :(
    Could you point me in d right direction? After months of web and android dev I want to explore other stuff as well @metamourge
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    My friend made a repo on GitHub called PyIris (but pls only use for educational purposes) [legit]
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