Today my roomate told me about his classmate who asked a really nice question " why do we need a MAC address in a WINDOWS machine". They are in a masters course for network security.

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    Yuh, Media Access Control is what Apple's all about
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    It was probably a joke because that shit is 1st year basic networking concepts
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    What if i tell you she wasnt joking 🙂@beegC0de
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    Completely believe it, at one of my internships we had a student in the masters program at our top local college, who had just transferred from MIT. On their first day they asked me how to open the CD drive on their desktop...

    And before ne1 asks it was a traditionally designed drive that had a button just below the tray. Can also confirm it was NOT a joke.
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    Totally believe it. Master's students have asked why people 3D print the save icon (at this particular school, some of the physics and engineering equipment is so expensive to replace, it still uses floppy disks and a CS student saw)
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    I am dead XD@QueenMorgana
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    They are too advanced to know how a cd drive works i guess.@PhiloticGhost
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    @PhiloticGhost what do you even use CDs for? Playing music? Would you know how to use one of those old floppy drives?
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    @electrineer exactly my question XD
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