How did you get the people from Info Security and Compliance on board this continuous delivery thing ?

I am being asked to run antivirus scans on my own code and binaries as part of build.

Is this common practice? Am I missing something?

I am going to deploy stuff on Azure PaaS. I can understand having malware scan agent on azure VMs scanning the infra, but this?

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    AFAIK, that's not common practice.
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    Well, the idea isn't as stupid as it might sound, think of the CCleaner binaries that somehow got malware included on their way to the website.

    However, I don't think AV scanning the binary is going to detect any malicious modifications in the code base itself, since scanning for known malicious binaries/hashes is still, sadly, the way most AV matches are being made. I don't think heuristics would catch these.

    Somehow chaining the binaries after the build on their way to distribution might be a bigger attack vector tho, so providing a way to, for example, compare the file hashes in the backend with the ones from the build system might be an option
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    @Kimmax We have a continuous integration / delivery pipeline where every code change needs reviews, builds passing and automatically tested and deployed.

    I have asked them to audit the Deployment process as there is no manual step except for coding and they still go on and on about this AV scan.
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    @S-Homles-MD So you do a Malware scan?
    How often? Every check in?

    If it can be magically automated somehow, I don't mind doing that scan and getting this whole thing done and over with.
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