Who the fuck thought that carieer grade NAT would be a great solution instead of just switching over to IPv6 and have functioning internet?

I don't want to share my IP with some bastard who fails every reCaptcha so that pictures take 5 fucking seconds for me to fade out and in again.

Neither Chrome nor Firefox have a reliable way of forcing IPv6 if possible so Google still thinks I'm an evil bot.
I'm waiting for my PayPal to be frozen because of "suspicious actions from 'my' internet connection".
I don't want to share my IP. I want to be responsible myself for everything that happens to it.

Please replace that old switches that are too slow to manage serious traffic anyway and are just wasting their power for being turned on so that I can have an IP address to myself

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    What ISP/country are you in?

    Are they at least using the correct subnet for the carrier grade NAT? (This should indicate to providers like Google that you are in a CGnat situation and share an IP with others).
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    Unitymedia in Germany.
    I think it is using the address space for private addresses.
    Anyway, this is translated so that servers on the internet will not even know that I got a private address somewhere hidden behind the public address. So I guess using another private address room would not affect this problem
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