On the feedback form of a new app I started using, I gave several suggestions of features I'd really like to have. As a joke, number 6 was "hire me and Ill write them".

They didn't take it as a joke. Im now 3/4 of the way through their hiring process and they like me the best of all applicants.

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    I'm going to try this trick
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    It's kinda a combination of you seeing those things, your motivational message to fix their shit and the blatant message you'd even want to. I'd ask such person to come over too, if feasible.
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    This... is just like a fairytale
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    Hope you get it and if you do congrats!
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    Awesome! It's not so crazy when you stop to think about someone is giving feedback to your app and you find nice ideas there.

    Nice move from you both!
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    Hire me too please! 🙈😝
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    UPDATE: we decided not to push through with it due to remote work arrangements. They offered to sponsor me to move but I declined, and they decided remote work isn't their thing at the moment. :3
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