Got a call about production was going to fail. They thought it's the application server.

I'm the end it was bogus file mods which were scrambled by the backup tool.

Why we didn't find out earlier? Because the java application was coded like this:


String content;

Try {
File bla = new File
content = ... Read operation
} catch (IoException | SecurityEx | RuntimeEx ex)
// nothing we can do here



Why the fuck do we have code reviews? Why not just log or throw a Runtime Exception? Argh... I thought it would be better in enterprise applications. Perhaps I should tell them to not just use pmd, also spotbugs and sonarqube. But the department for the build tools does not have enough employees. Dang.

Anyway. Earned some money for that.

Now it's 2018 and I still get money for the same kind of bugs as 2008.

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    Btw I also got called bc of the new language features, like streams and immutable (unmodifieable) Collections.

    I wonder why they don't get trained and reviewed correctly.
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    The rant is actually about the comment. It's a lie. They could have logged or throw an exception.

    Sometimes they do, but without appending the original exception.
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    @xaos it's more like: how to use the edit function.
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