I just got Jenkins all setup locally, setup the first pipeline, get docker working with it, setup the build step, setup the test step and more.

In under an hour.

Not too bad for the first attempt.

The hardest part was figuring out the GitHub credentials.


Actually, the hardest part was keeping an eye on the dude in the booth next to me who has delusions of grandeur and likely other mental illnesses.

Had to keep an eye on him while he was pointing around the room (usually at me) and saying shit like...

“Ugly, ugly, all of you are fucking ugly”

“Fuck you, fuck you too!”

I’m sitting over here thinking...

“Bud, you got 3 teeth, you smell like shit and your rambling to yourself... fuck you you ugly piece of dog shit! Let me do my work I peace.”

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    Why didn't they kick him out?
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    @spongessuck TBH, he wasn’t actually violent or anything.

    He was saying these things at the level you would if you were on the phone in a public place.

    Most minimum wage employees wouldn’t mess with that type of crazy unless they had to. And I don’t blame them.

    After living in a major city for a while it’s just something I have come to terms with...
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    There's other seats though..
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    @rant1ng Not in this smallish coffee shop there wasn’t.

    Just had to put up with it
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