how the fuck do you brand codebases?

say you've got a brand called dicks,

and you've got a website, api server, some SDK's, and whatever else. How do you format the codebase names so it's A, usable as a variable name, B clickable at the variable part of the name, C, that's fucking it

dicks-website can't be used in js because

dicks-website = require('dicks-website') won't work

dicks_website can't be used in url's and in general because double clicking any part will select the whole word, so you can't replace dicks_X easily.

dicks$api seems to work, dicks and api are seperately clickable, and usable as a variable in javascript. I already know that the $ sign probably fucks up many many systems so that's probably a no go

has this question been addressed already?

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    I don't see how the $ could fuck anything up. An identifier is an identifier
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    it doesn't look the best



    but it does fucking work.......???

    $ sign though, for example it's used in bash for variables, could it interfere there?
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    I can't even imagine the kind of shady stuff you'd have to do to have a JS identifier breaking your program because of bash.

    Alternatively you can configure you editor to make '_' a word delimiter (like '-')
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    @willol still doesn't work in a browser url string though and in general most programs treat _ as non words, that's interesting actually, we have _ to make continuous words, but no alternative because - can't be used in javascript.

    maybe $ is the best option

    I do a lot of shady shit, eval anyone.......
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