I have called for a meeting with my manager's manager expressing concerns and ask for a role change inside the company.

How should I approach this?

My current project is this some IoT stuff being built on the cloud.

The role that I was recruited for and the one I am currently doing is very different thanks to the TPTB who suddenly decided some other team in a different country (lets call them B ) take on that role.

I see a lot of trash work assigned to my team that is a consequence of lack of understanding of the cloud stuff by people upstream and not automating steps in the engineering process like build,test, deploy ( which was part of my initial role description ) and I'm not liking my current role. But my manager doesn't give a damn.
He is just happy to be involved in the project.

I feel like I am having leftovers from a fancy restaurant in spite of having enough money to dine well in the same hotel.

When I bring out the concerns like lack of automating, cost savings in the cloud, improved security configurations to my manager, he doesn't seem to care and not voicing them upstream. If I bring up these topics in any discussion where people outside my team are also there,then I am quickly sidelined.

The rest of my team also don't seem to care. They just don't want to stand up and take responsibility.

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