What kind of music do you guys listen to while coding?

For some weird reason my concentration increases while listening to pop, which I usually hate.

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    I listen to whatever. About 3 songs in it just becomes noise anyways.

    Genres include:

    Mumble rap
    Chill rap
    EDM (screech trap, wobble house [think Jauz], dubstep, and most hard genres)
    Classic rock
    Some country, but mainly during the summer
    Like 80s and 90s pop with a dash of 70s sprinkled in
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    Hip hop, rap, lofi and edm. Lofi really let's me phase out and get lost into the zone.
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    I'm usually listening to Ghazals (Urdu Poetry) while i code and it really helps me a lot.
    dunno why
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    @fahad3267 I would love to try that. What are some off your favourites?
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    Ghalib by jagjit singh
    Ahmed Faraz by Ghulam Ali
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    FCC live radio on YouTube. It's pretty good.
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    Either Powerwolf, Sabaton or Ghost.
    I know I could've said metal, but I literally only listen to these when I code.
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    I used to not listen to music, then I found this: https://youtube.com/watch/...
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    LoFi, sometimes even Jazz
    or any of these
    - Neuro(hop): Kursa, Seppa, Dusky, Slug Wife
    - Drum and Bass: Billain, One Mind
    - Techno: Dense & Pika, Dahu
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    Really cheesy pop. On repeat. Which is the kind of music I like normally anyway.
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    no words, designed to maintain concentration and not to steal your focus from whatever you're working on

    try Forza 3 or Forza 6 OST for example
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    This one, on repeat. But basically all of the songs uploaded on that channel.

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    @arcadia that song always makes me feel so... loved and child-like... as if I was in kindergarten again and just doing fun exciting things all my life. Love that song
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