Online course with ASP.NET 4.

Professor is a loser, convincing students into using shitty 2010 software which will not install and is no longer supported.

>> Sends mass email explaining how to use VS2017

Met with praise. Fuck outdated teachers and technology, truly a shame.

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    I also found the book online for free. I am currently the king of this class.
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    @AlgoRythm you should ask him to close the course and let you teach people instead
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    @maushax did you mean mono?
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    @wowotek no there is .NET Core and ASP.NET Core now, it is cross platform.
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    I'm surprised to find stories of outdated courses coming up so frequently. Some thoughts:

    - CS does progress relatively faster than some other fields.

    - profs/lecturers don't always get to choose what they'd like to teach.

    - profs are more about the theory than practise (usually).
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