So I'm at Brazil Day in NY, took me $6 and 1.5hrs to get here but know what I'm here I feel spending $5 for street food snacks is too much... Like they're price gouging too far...

But in other contexts, I have no problem dropping $$$ for food... Pretty much daily...

I'm not sure how I should make sense of this or justify it. Maybe that's the difference between paying cash and swiping?

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    I just bought a week's worth of food for $20.... Maybe I need a dedicated Vacation Spending bucket in my "budget"... Anything is ok if it comes it gets deducted form that section
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    5$ is a resonable price for junk food

    (depends on the amount, because in poland in mcdonalds you can buy big fries, 9 nuget's, medium cola and a additional kechup for that amount of money)
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    @Gregozor2121 just for a chicken kebab stick... Maybe a longer stick but still...

    But then again sushi cost $6 and somehow I will not that one in a while
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