Fourth day at new job, hired as a C++ developer.
"We think you'll be a good fit in this team!"
It's a huge JavaScript project. I feel lost and confused 😓

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    Maybe they think "If he is that good at C++, he can learn JS"
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    @jstaiyo I'm sure I will. But after reading the JS related rants on here I'm not sure I want to, haha.
    Gotta stay positive, learning new stuff is awesome.
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    I was a C++ instructor, and I was asked to teach Java, because they look the same. Talk about learning a language on the fly. I was so glad when the class was finished.
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    @Werchte I recommend you to take a look at the series "You don't know JS"
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    @Pampurio thanks, I'll do that
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    if you r good at c++ then learning JavaScript is a days work.
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    As a C++ dev who also have the misfortune to have worked on JavaScript for years in the past, I works say that the JavaScript type coercion rules alone are more convoluted than whatever template madness you can find in boost. But if you stay clear from the dark corners of js, use a transpiler like typescript or babel, use a good linter, and pay attention to semicolon insertion, you will be fine.
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    it'll be good for you to have a web dev thing in your tool belt, and this will force you. same thing is happening to me (c# developer doing node.js web for work) and I promise things will be fine. we all complain, but it's great.
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