Too many people expect me to work for free lately...

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    I'd turn her into a man for free! But sorry, no testing 😂😂😂😂😂😂
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    Or like musicians! "Can you play at my party? What, you want to get paid? Don't you like playing music?"
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    I get the analogy, and heard similar things for different creative fields (design, illustration...).

    The fact is that there is now a plethora of webdevs (I don't say good ones). The learning curve used to be low: no need to go to an expensive school with long studies, just get a computer with internet. And by definition the market is global : freelancing platforms cut down the prices a lot.

    So until you have a well-defined niche, or a pool of clients you already know well, potential customers often have the high hand when negotiating...
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    you can go find another doctor, maybe you'll find one that will give you some lopsided breast and a ponoko nose. or you can pay me for it and get what you want
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    @jckimble YES!! Love it
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    @lesniall that's just about what I say when I'm asked to work for free, their next question is usually if I would work for equity, then I say why would I do that when if I wanted to I could write it myself and take all the profit. then they either drop the free work, pay me, or say good day
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    Waited for image to be loaded in full quality...
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    At least they want you to work.
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    OMG this is so true! and yes I am also waiting for the image to fully load lmao!
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    So true! I'm a photographer too and clients are hilarious, they want industry level work but can't afford to pay industry level money 😐
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