Decided to spend my weekend on a little side project that I thought I could finish quickly.

Not only does my code not work, but what I wrote is so horrible that I'm honestly ashamed. Its like the despicable porn that you sometimes end up watching and the horror of realizing what the hell you just watched after you finish - I thought my code was good, but really, it was trash.

Before I started writing I though to myself, "I'll finish this project and then I'll upload it to my Github to expand my repository", but now I cringe at the thought of someone else reviewing this pile of shit I call my code.

It's 2 am here in Israel. I know I should go to sleep, but I'll just stare at the ceiling, feeling unproductive because everything I did today is literally worthless.

How the fuck do I justify this shit to myself? Calling this a "learning experience" feels like a fucking joke.

Honestly, I don't know why I chose Python to do OOP when Kotlin would have served me much better.

But, there's always tomorrow, isn't there?

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    Science and progress on any scale isn't just the breakthroughs and shiny stuff, but also A LOT of failures in terms of "ok, doesn't work this way".

    On top of that, making prototypes is normal, and you'll often end up throwing the first version away. This is also completely normal.

    You now have a better grasp of the actual problem than before, and you can make a better design. Which you will - if you care enough about your project.

    Shalom, man. :-)
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    @Fast-Nop Thanks man, now I feel better about my self :)
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