Just got a email from interviewer, thanking me for introducing him to Devrant!!! Called me for a second interview.
***Told him about DevRant in first interview ***

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    Sounds like a shit idea, so if you do or don't get the job, by deduction he knows who you are, bang goes all your proper rant opportunities featuring him/the company in the future.
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    I just introduced him to DevRant , not my user 😉
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    @wali ha, by the nature of what you have written any fool could work it out, and my guess is the interviewer is no fool.
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    @helloworld My thoughts exactly!
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    @wali time to create a new username!
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    Tell him about Stack Overflow. If he hasn't heard of it, you'll have his job in 2 years.
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    @helloworld I don't get it - why the assumption that he cares if the interviewer knows who he is? Not everyone posts stuff here that they want to keep private, and some people use their full names.
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    @dfox fair point, he hasn't disputed my assumption (yet) by saying he is not bothered. I'm also assuming that many other ranters agree with my initial assumption.... also I'm not bothered either.😄
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    Ad an interviewer, I'd see a candidate being on devrant as both good and bad. Good: they're passionate. Bad: they spend time here instead of coding.
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    @dfox Like me, I have nothing to hide.
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    @dfox That all depends on what you choose to put on here. For me it's just another avenue for them to explore for reasons to not give you the job. But saying that, there's the other argument to say that they might feel better about employing you.
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