Customised my Ubuntu VM using
I3wm, polybar, Compton, conky, rofi,
And zsh shell !

The theme is inspired by unixporn subreddit post!

Btw it took 4days completely to do

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    Looking good!
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    Where !?
    I didn't get u? Sorry could u pin point!
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    4 days? I set mine up in like 10 minutes...
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    Does the ram and cpu display using conky? Mind sharing the config? I want the bottom right one
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    Yeah, I was working in day time!
    It was in VM, hence I need to tweak the conky, polybar, etc.. to work correctly!
    Like CPU cores, eth gateway names etc..
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    Sure !
    No, it's not from conky,
    It's by polybar module
    I will upload to github and share the link, once iam done
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    I have never had a desktop the way I like it in under a month.
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    Wow, you really like it long and dark!

    (Your prompt)
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    The setup, especially conky, looks amazing 😍😍
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