Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.

So far, this is my inspiration to refactoring the code right after it works as gift to my future self.

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    Mine is the boyscout rule:

    Always leave the campground cleaner than you found it.

    If I see things that can be done without much effort, I fix them immediately, even if they weren't on the Todo list.
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    Yes, we do have it. Always leave codebase at better stage than it is before.

    Basically, this includes what not, like refactoring, more % coverage., etc..
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    @Gowtham95india @ddephor
    Very good rules to code by. 😊

    Have the @Root seal of approval.
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    Thanks for the approval :)
    Soon, I'll post 101 Principles., stay tuned!
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    If they can read it they can blame you for it
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    Let them. You will learn something if you are wrong. You will become better.. :)

    Who cares about the blame game? Does it helps me to improve. Well then I'm in!
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    @gowtham-sai thats the joke
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    Oops, I can't stand ambiguity. :(
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