sudo apt update

"All packages up to date."

For the past 14 days? Huh.
Everyone on vacation or something?

It's quiet.
It's a little.... tooo ... quiet.

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    nope, nothing.

    I have a lot of stuff installed too. Weird.
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    @theKarlisK actually, that's exactly it.

    probably time to upgrade soon
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    @hubiruchi don't hack me
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    @rantOverflow Oddly enough, I also have the feeling that updates, in the last few months, have decreased signifficantly on Manjaro.

    My Arch-Laptop is still happyly updating, but I can't say if there is a change too, since I currently rarely use and update it.
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    Pfff imagine 14 days no update on Arch... I can already see the 1000 packages that want a update
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    Expected the word "archlinux" to be in the first comment.
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