I switched from Lotus Notes to SharePoint. Now I feel like the guy from Stephen Elop's burning platform memo.

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    i'm a huge fan of Sharepoint - its the only proprietary system that i actually enjoyed working on. i implemented it at a few companies over the years.
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    My fear with SharePoint is that Microsoft keeps changing the development methodology with every version. Rather than improving, it discards and builds from scratch.

    Farm solutions > Sandbox solutions > App model > Change its name to Add-in model > REST APIs > *some more changes* > And now, SharePoint framework
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    @naveenm thats true. from 2007 to 2010 was a HUGE shift. then from 2010 to 2013 i had to relearn everything all over again.

    there is a simple reason for it though. they need to have a reason to provide "sharepoint certifications" - if everything stayed the same, they couldnt make people retake it every couple of years.
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    Lotus Notes is still a thing? I'm impressed, last time I used it was on my Psion Series 3.
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    Ray Ozzie lives on!
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    I barely understood app model and now there is SharePoint Framework, FML. Although I'm used to work with JSOM in sandbox solutions.
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    @mattwebdev But then organizations also need to adopt new features. I see a huge reluctance for going from farm solutions to Add-in model. Not sure how many would go for SharePoint framework.
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