Compliance trainings.
All that mandatory bullshit, where they're trying to take the most boring thing ever (ie policies), and gamify it, throw shitload of multimedia on it, make it interactive and think anybody is going to care.
I don't want to watch your fucking videos where employees are trying to enact policy violations.
I'm not going to follow the policies and cooperate with HR as they're not to be trusted in a first place.

Where the hell is the "skip bullshit" button, which takes me to the end of the training, where I click the "I Acknowledge" button, because agreement/liability confirmation is the only thing they're after anyway.

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    These serve the same purpose as useless all-company meetings. You can put your brain into low power mode while still being paid full rate.
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    I litterally have HR training videos running in the background while I read your rant and post this comment, lol.
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