Have defective supermicro server, but the ipmi is working and could tell me what's going on.

Only problem is, I don't have access to it since the last owner didn't provide it to me.

So I thought let's try metasploit.

Setup local network with a second server, connect to local* address.

"Welcome to intel integrated BMC web console"

What? Its a Supermicro, did the owner reflash the ipmi? What the heck.

Msf: scan adress ....
ipmi found bla bla bla.

Msf: zero cipher scan.
... Voulnerable to zero cipher.

Was pretty happy but the doubt kept creeping in.

On my WS that isn't connected to the ipmi of my server, I go to that ip address.
"Welcome to intel BMC ......"


What are the odds that some fucker has his ipmi open to the public on that exact same address that my board was configured to.

Well, actually pretty high I guess.

Fuck. Shit.

That didn't go as planned.

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