Implementing the application exactly like the client specified, because they won't listen.

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    Hum. Must be such a pain to clean the windows.
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    Yep. Maintenance must be horrible, supporting so many different versions of Windows.
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    But it's preeetttyyyyy 😍😍😍😍😂😂😂😂😇
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    I have so many questions, i'm actually in pain. I can't comprehend the why, so I'll start with HOW?! How has this not just broken???
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    If this is the front-end, I wonder how the backend looks like 8)
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    @FunkDelegate probably pretty decent
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    @Codex404 Only if the separation of concerns is kept in mind :D
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    Every app after few updates
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    @athlon No problem. Next doors seems to be free real estate for a greenfield rewrite, if it becomes unbearable.
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    So accurate!
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    @Jilano I lived in an apartament, where there was small windows in the bedroom - but it only opened for like 30 degrees, no option to open it wide, and wall was so thick, tgere was no way to put a hand on the outside part.
    I don't know who designed that, but for over a year I was not able to clean that window. I guess I'd need fire dept. ladder to clean it from the outside.
    These windows at least look like they should open.
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    Is this in Belgium? Is it one of the many "Ugly Belgian Houses"?
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    @TempestasLudi its hard to say, but from the licenseplate I think not. Belgium is white with red text. This looks white with black text
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    By far this house is the largest periscope in the world
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