Let's get something straight people, the trend to change terms in programming languages for PC approved ones is NOT for "making the workplace a better place".

If you are one of those who say "oh it's just terms, if it makes them feel better why not?", "I don't care so should everybody else", "the outrage proves we need to change the terms!".

No sir, first of all, since when has programming been about ditching standards to make people "feeel" better? Since when has engineering been about that?! We are engineers, we don't change shit and waste effort trying to fix things that are working.

Second, this word cleansing does NOT come from a well intentioned one, it's not about making the workplace a better place, it's not about minorities, it's about sanitizing language from an ideological and political standpoint to please an agenda pushing minority who doesn't give a shit about any real social issues.

They have done it to movies, videogames, news, political speech, magazines, books and now programming. It doesn't stop and they will never be satisfied, it's not about changing the terms, no one gives a shit about the terms, it's about pandering to ideological crybabies who want to control what you say because it "offends" them or some supposedly oppressed group from which we just hear anecdotal evidence.

Personally I wouldn't give a shit if it was for technical reasons, but it's not and I've seen what this shit does to communities I love and I won't stand it happening to the dev community just because some weak ass, no balls coders decided to pander to the retards on the far left to score virtue points instead of standing their ground.

Are you worried about oppressed groups? Donate money to third world children, speak out about women in Siria, travel to actual shitty 3rd world countries so you realize changing words on a GitHub repo on your expensive ass MacBook, sipping your soy based coffee on an office with air conditioning is not making the world a better place you delusional prick.

You want to ignore the facts be my guest, be willfully ignorant, but I will not police myself and my ideas for your ideological beliefs, not in gaming, not here. Fuck off.

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    Can I get a "hell yeah"? 🙌
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    What terms are being changed guys? This is new to me.
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    @crapped @nathanchere @cervantes01 please sign this petition and support my latest rant, let's fight this biggots.

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    What @cervantes01 said. What terms are being changed? This is my first time hearing about it.
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    @ODXT master/slave as of lately on python, also Django and other dev teams are removing "insensitive" terms from docs an might someday rename them in code.
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    So what do you think the end goal is for those "SJW" people?
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    Well said.
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    @bootleg-dev hard to say, so many brands of them but they usually eat each other out. See feminists for example, the movement is no fragmented into various camps with various interests.
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    Ok I get it now. But for everyone here, remember that these people make up 5% of their group.

    It's a noble goal. Trying to be polite and respectful. But it went too far.
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    It’s not a noble goal. It’s misguided and harmful. It teaches that words are inherently good or bad without regard to how or where they are applied, and that is a dangerous precedent to set. By removing words from our vocabulary, all it does is ensure those words will always be taboo and can never be reclaimed or repurposed. How is that a good thing?

    The fact that this has seeped into computer science is truly frightening. I thought for sure we had some vestige of safety from political censorship. What’s next? Whitespace?
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    Great rant, would favorite again :)
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    It seems like such a silly thing. There are many other equally meaningful ways to express the "master/slave" relationship. I have never used these words in a single program. I know some devs that use them everywhere. Not worth making a fuss about honestly.
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    @Condor I'm blushing
    Really appreciate coming from a devrant veteran
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    @JKyll Wait, I remember that girl.. what anime was it again?
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    What I wrote was that the reason behind why people do this, "being respectful", is a good goal.

    HOWEVER, this is going too far.

    I apologize if I was not clear with what I was trying to convey.
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    Agree with most of your point, but the part where you "shitty 3rd world countries" . Really?
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    @shanekurr r/wooosh i guess. His point is exactly that thing you mention.

    We all love progress, but we don't like progress to backwards, where these kind of things actually exists and considered as common.

    Slavery exists, remove the word slave.
    Hunger exists, remove the word hunger.
    Murder exists, remove the word murder etc.

    People will need to understand that being a sensitive pussy and piece of weakling won't help them a bit when they actually need to face it. Will they run like a headless cock ? They will.

    This is like hiding the error message and behave like the error is gone.

    What is next ? Changing parent-child concept so that you won't kill any child process ?
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    @shanekurr speech policing is not progress that's the same attitude that earned your progressive political stack the term "regressives". As I said if you are so concerned with progress why don't you go to one of those countries? I can guarantee GitHub repos are the least of their concerns, I bet the few places where slavery still is a thing programming isn't, stop virtue signaling you fool no one.

    @elfico yes really, I come from a third world country and I promise it's shitty, corruption is shitty, real world classism and poverty are shitty and high murder rates are shitty. I don't feel offended if someone points out my country of origin is fucked up as long as it has basis on reality, as someone who has lived worse things than that internet comments and GitHub "racism" I can assure you I don't give a shit.
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    @shanekurr Removing the word slave because slaves still exist is like sending thoughts and prayers to victims of a natural disaster - at best it doesn't do any damage.

    But the people actually affected by it don't give a flying fuck about how some programmer on the other side of the world calls an abstract concept.

    Not all changes are good changes. Sometimes they're just outright censorship because some people want to feel important.
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    @shanekurr you are as blind as a mole if you reached this far on the post and still don't get that this is not about "accommodating minorities". I'm what you white folks consider a minority and I don't feel accommodated, I feel insulted each time you sjw cowards climb on you high horse claiming a fucking word makes the workplace unsafe for me and that I'm not capable of understanding context.

    You get over yourself, you don't represent me or any of those other fictional offended minorities, YOU are NOT any kind of saviour for US. You are an entitled, first world citizen who doesn't notice he's being racist and sexist with a guilty conscience.

    Grow up, a hard-working minority who succeeds without pitty help knows damn well he/she earned it, we don't need you or anyone else to come crap on our work later on.

    And if I feel discriminated against I have the authorities, not you or Guido to defend my feelings.

    PS If you think master/slave terms are a barrier for entry, there's art majors
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    If you don't start programming because of something so extremely irrelevant or even get offended by it, you are a snowflake and need to GTFO.
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    @shanekurr I don't understand how words used to describe abstract terms in programming are barriers of entry to our community.

    I'm working class but I don't balk at having to create new classes in my application, the two things have no resemblance to one another.

    Stoicism is the key here, a mind that is undisturbed by outside influences is highly desirable and much needed in the world of computer programming and software engineering.

    Offence is always taken, never given.
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    This is the first time I've heard of it and it boggles the mind that someone would legit be offended by terms like master and slave. I find the banking of words far more threatening.
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    @mcalis Im not arguing for or against but consider this framing.

    I grew up in the western United States where our public school system spends a lot of time and effort making sure that children grasp how fundamentally wrong and evil slavery is. While this is definitely necessary, it comes with the cost of associating the verbiage with wrong and evil.

    I will never be comfortable reading, writing, hearing, or saying these words because this is how I was raised.

    With that said, I also recognize that this is not the case for everyone and solve this issue by choosing not to use the words.
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    @shanekurr Yes i would hold onto Jew and Aryan words too, the word alone is not something to be abandoned, because it won't mean the same to a child or someone who has never heard of WW2. Bring me worst words you can find. Words bear no sin, but people who use that words do.

    "Derr why should i change ?" Are you fucking kidding me ? I want this old Earth to change, rotten homo sapiens inside of it, too. If not, they can just die, that would lead to change too.

    Words are different. Do you even know why medical terms are in Latin, while nobody uses it as a language ? No ? Because no sensitive pussies like you will touch a dead language and have to let it stay as is. The information or cure gathered in 1000 years ago, needs to stay the same, no matter how stupid we are.

    If this stupid wave continues, a lot of tech and programming books will be completely obsolete, because the terms described there won't be the same a few years ago.
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    I have archived some of my favorite rants @ https://devzin.xyz

    Your this rant has been added. Please let me know if you want to remove it from there.

    (I hope you don't :3 )
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    Where is the picture from?
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    @PrivateGER The first one is from an anime known as Konosuba(actual name is much longer), second one no idea.
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    @cursee of course not, I'm glad the raging text I wrote at 3am hit close to home to many people.

    I liked the title, kinda sounds like "the snake in our repo" lol. If you add subtitles some day consider "politics in coding"

    Really nice site, I'll be checking the repo.
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