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Had human values and professional ethics test today.
This was a question.
Would like to hear the views of some professionals in here.

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    I dont HAVE to pay back so suck it microsoft
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    @ganjaman 4/5 ✔️
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    Typo in the caption!!
    *Do read
    My brain has stopped working and autocorrect isn't helping.
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    @Floydian what do you have to say ?
    Kinda reminded me of the free shoes/tshirt situation.
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    The question is trying to make it sound like since they fucked up it is reasonable to ask for their money back. Nope, Business 101: you fuck it up, you pay the cost.
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    @arcadesdude This.
    They can and should ask, of course, but it is their mistake, and mistakes in business are often costly.
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    If I were one of the overpaid fired people, I wouldn't pay back anything because fuck you, ex-employer. You decided that our ways should part, and now that they are parted, my interest isn't aligned with yours in any fucking way anymore. Now fucking don't whine because that's how you wanted shit to be, after all! I'll keep the bloody money and don't fucking care whether you go bankrupt or get ass raped by Wall Street monkeys or what the fuck ever.
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    Wrote similar answer.
    What about the smaller company part?
    Say a startup, not making much money. Would you let it go bankrupt?
    Imagine they really need the money that you aren't returning.
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    @ceee they didn't care whether I could end up on the street when they fired me, so why would I give a damn about them? If someone wants my solidarity, kicking me in the ass isn't the way to earn it.
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    @Fast-Nop I mean yeah,they are expecting a little too much from the people they sacked.
    Like expecting your ex to do stuff for you 🤣. Doesn't work this way.
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    Whether be it as bad as MS or as good as Linux or a very small of a company, I'll pay them back.

    It's not my money I'd be having in my account. It'd be their hard earned money.

    Of course it'd be the one to post it on internet BTW :P
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    @gitlog don't you think after being sacked , you'd be needing the money more than them ?
    Charity begins at home right ?
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    @ceee till then, freelance
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    @gitlog idealistic conditions are a pre requisite. Anyway you'd probably get the marks because you'd be abiding by the rules of true "professional" 🤣
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