Share your online portfolio/personal website/landing page.
Please suggest some good templates for a portfolio website/landing page.

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    I'd love to have some feedback, since I'm jobhunting rn
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    I'd love to get some feedback tooo
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    On topic, I unfortunately can't because that website is under my IRL name, and I prefer to keep that separated from DR.

    @NefixEstrada why does that bouncing arrow attract attention like a steak in a piranha swarm, but clicking it does nothing? Why that empty start screen? That's something I don't like about the page.

    "I'm a student based in Barcelona that loves programming" Oh, Barcelona loves programming? ^^ Or rather "I'm a Barcelona based student who loves programming"? Installers with two l. "monitorizes" should be "monitors". Just small details, but when looking for a job, everything might count.

    @shahlin I suggest to always use text along with the icons, not just on hover because smartphones don't have hover and things become "mystery meat navigation" (pls google that). Even with text, that's way too little to spark interest. You're spending a HUGE amount of screen space just to say e.g. "Linite Desktop Application (Linux)" - really?!
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    @Fast-Nop Thanks, will look into it soon! :D
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    thepra.github.io but no templates (sorry), all by hand and Jekyll facilities
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    @okstar Devrant in hobbies, wow.
    It's really nice, must be hard making it from scratch.
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    @anon404 kind of, not really much if your already comfortable with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, on this iteration of my website I wanted to experiment with the new CSS grid system also, and looks nice when everything is well aligned
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    @okstar wow, I guess that's what they mean when they want a website that "pops"! :-)

    Is it on purpose that the upper half of "DESIGN" is cut off, depending on the browser width?
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    @Fast-Nop Yes, because I just support full widths of monitors of aspect ratio 16:9, so if you try to scale outside of the full screen (on a laptop or desktop) the text doesn't behave according to the width and crops itself.
    It's a hassle to get though any width size and fix the font size 😌

    What's your screen resolution?
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    I want to update it to make it more personal but I cant be bothered to do it
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    @okstar I have 1680x1050. With browser in fullscreen, it works as expected, both with and without side panel for bookmarks. It's just that I usually don't have the browser window maximised. :-)
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