Twitter made me delete my tweet, and temporarily disabled a bunch of features.
Because I called mgk a retard ? Or because i used the Eminem's version of rest in peace i.e. rot in pieces ?
Or because I used the word Killshot ?
It's the name of the fucking song !!!

Whatever !
Fuck you twitter !

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    Maybe tweet about something helpful, like: "hey mgk, try think a bit more when writing lyrics!"
    Madman 😂😂
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    Probably Twitter algorithm. Maybe lots of gun suckers reported on your tweet :3
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    @arazzz yeah yeah i read it.
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    @mrsulfat EXACTLY ! Will write a formal letter next time.
    Dear mgk,
    I cannot help but feel that you are slightly dumb witted, or perhaps completely dumb witted and arrogant.
    You may have an iota of talent but don't think this sudden fame you are enjoying is because of it. It is because of the gossip and drama involved.
    We are all aware how much your "talent" earned you in the past.
    I hope you stop being the utter definition of denial.

    @cursee fuck them 😒
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    mgk? Who the fuck is that?
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    @Big-R nice 🤣🤣
    Just in case your aren't being sarcastic and genuinely don't know about him. Have a good day. You don't need to know about him. Not worth your time.
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    MGK isn't a bad rapper though, certainly better than alot of rappers nowwadays. He has some very good songs, some of his music helped me through some hard times. Alot of good/decent rappers fall through the cracks for unknown reasons...for example King Los, phenomenal rapper better than alot of old school rappers but he never reached their level of fame 💁💁
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    it's most likely the mgk thing, as mgk has a verified account and you do not
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    @Holyfield3000 yeah he may be a fine rapper ,but what he is doing these days is not his talent. It's called cashing up on Eminem's name and being arrogant. Pretending to be better than someone he's clearly not .
    I mean where was he untill he dissed Eminem ? Why didn't his talent get him all this ? It's nothing but the Eminem click bait.
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    @ceee wait who brought up who first?? I thought Eminem started with him (which isnt really like Em), but I know he was pissed because of something MGK said when Haille was 16. If MGK started this just for clout then yea.. I dont hope Em ends his career but I hope he causes MGK to never beef with anyone again
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    @Holyfield3000 people think Eminem dissed him because of the Hailey thing, but it's not that.
    He clarified in a interview recently.
    He dissed him because mgk subliminally dissed Eminem on tech9's track some time ago. What em said on not alike was a response to that.
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    @ceee i butchered that poor girl's name. But oooooh. Thanks for filling me in. Smh @ MGK he really didn't need to do that. He stills make money from 'Wild Boy' or 'Steve-O' I don't recall the name & he still gets cash from tours. We're on the outside looking in, in his perceived position we probably would've done something similar.
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    @Holyfield3000 that doesn't make him better than Eminem as he thinks.
    It's a publicity stunt
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    Twitter is corrupt.
    I thought that was common knowledge?
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    @Root ohhh I didn't know this !
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    @ceee I agree, Em is on another level. Just hope MGK remains solid after the smoke clears, cause I'd hate for him to go out like this.
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    @Holyfield3000 check this out. it just makes him look like fool.
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    Smhhhhh damn. 😞
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    @Holyfield3000 i mean rap devil was ok.
    even though it had shitty bars "WeirD BeArd" ? seriously . but ok , people liked it because, it is the only eminem diss ever. so it got first prize in a race where it was running alone.
    now he is doing all sort of non sense. and losing his actual fan base too.
    he also had his body guards beat up some actor from the walking dead. he's probably getting sued by that actor.
    All this is just shitty.
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    @ceee Imma give it a listen. I saw that too, I mean he didn't MAKE them beat him up. That's just how it goes sometimes, you call someone pussy to their face you get beat. My neighborhood is like that too to be honest. So i grew up with that mentality, I'd be a hypocrite to fault them
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    @Holyfield3000 yeah probably.
    But then that actor is like do it one on one. And fun part is mgk dissed Eminem for paying a shit load on security. While he himself hangs around with 5 body guards.
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    @ceee also no one dissed em cause they all had sense!

    I agree this is shitty. It didn't have to be this way. Some people may call me crazy but i looked at MGK as sort-of a new-gen Em. I would've loved for them to do a track together
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    @ceee lmaooo MGK ain't doing that. Yea can't argue that. Can't talk shit about it then do the same thing.
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    @ceee just listened to Rap Devil, didn't finish it. I got the gist of it by 3 mins. But THAT WASN'T A BAD TRACK, maybe a bad diss but step back and analyze the bars just as bars. MGK is no slouch when it comes to rap.

    You know how you have a room of elites like Biggie, pac, Wayne (yes i said it), JayZ, Em, etc. MGK is in the lobby right before that room with the likes of Big Sean, Macklemore, A$AP Rocky, etc.
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    @Holyfield3000 its a catchy track no doubt. But a diss track with a chorus repeated 4 times 😅.
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    @ceee I've googled him..

    Did not listen to any of his crap. Thanks for the heads up 😁
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    @Big-R haha 😁
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